Massimo Pamparana - PORTFOLIO

Massimo Pamparana is a fashion photographer who splits his life between London and Milan. Born in 1979, Massimo studied Cinema at Columbia College in Chicago and at UCLA. Massimo first picked up the camera after watching the last scene of black and white Russian film, Stalker by Tarkosky. After experimenting with cinema photography, he moved into fashion. He gained an education in fashion and photography. After his years of learning, Massmio scored an assisting job with major fashion photographer, Gianpaolo Barbieri. He started scoring fashion photography jobs, including all the covers for SLURP magazine. Today, Massimo calls Italian Amica, Hero, Gq style Germany and Italy, Max some of his major clients. He is also currently shooting a campaign for ADD. He particularly likes to photograph people who are 'very strong and self confident, who aren't afraid to show who they are and to show their deepest side'. What Inspires/ Motivates / Influences You? MP : Movies, people and rock music are my main inspirations at the moment, my motivation is trying to create my own style and personal sense of fashion, it needs a lot of work and efforts. i would love to be able to create one day an image image that could be described as timeless and personal. How do you describe your style? MP: I enjoy working simple, adapting myself to every situation. I love to shoot both Women and Men fashion and i enjoy artists portraits as well'. i would describes my style as 'sensual and rock'. Is there an image from your early days (your own or someone you admire) that still makes you go wow? MP : yes my first cover of Slurp magazine with Matt Loewen i really love that image and i still enjoy watching it, considering it is one of my earliest, so I'm very linked to it because of that too. i think it has something magic, it doesn't get old. i think every person has a different idea of the same image and I like it to be that way.

Cristina Scalabrini lavora nel mondo dell’editoria. A tempo perso intraprende progetti fotografici autonomi o in collaborazione con la Macelleria dei Perdenti. “Come cani nell’acqua” è un’esplorazione onirica del mondo animale in una serie di immagini scattate sott’acqua. Stampe 40x50 ai sali d’argento, montate su alluminio.